Summary:Long before Laredo ever existed, this area had some semblance of Law and Order. Native American bands of our region lived in accord with their own tribal laws. Chiefs oversaw maintenance of these, which were easily enforced in a society of hunter-warriors. Each brave had individual responsibilities to the tribe. Thus, it was among the Carrizo, Lipan Apache, & Comanche, who roamed this stretch of the Rio Grande River that a tradition of concern for law and order, and public safety was established which serves as the bedrock for our law enforcement & public safety function today

When the Spanish Colonist came, on May 15, 1755, they founded a “Villa”, a collection of ranch tracts centering on a small settlement. In Laredo’s early days, the “Alcalde” was often the local militia captain. Every able-bodied man served in the militia company, ready to ride in response to any emergency. This usually meant defending against Indian raids, but also included police functions, such as coping with bandits that attacked trading caravans on the route between Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas. So too in present times, our police battle to half theft of or from, tractor-trailers thus protecting international commerce and the free trade between the United States and Mexico in keeping with modern-day NAFTA mandates.

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